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FTA between Peru - Korea / special issues


Korea Customs Service korean

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KCS requires

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#2.FTA rules

between PERU and KOREA-south

*1.The both seller/buyer have to keep the documents for 5 years after customs clearance.
*2.the both side CUSTOMS have right to investigate officially within 5 years after customs clearance.
*3.The KCS requires the below documents for the customs formality. 







S/C=Sales Contract
P/O=Purchase Order
*indemnity clause

The Seller takes the full legal responsibility to prove the Certificate of Origin with the KCS for 5 years after vessel discharge at Busan seaport, KOREA-south. If the KCS doesn't approve the C/O, the buyer must be indemnified from the fine that the KCS imposes, and the seller confirms automatically to be fined and pay the fine amount to the buyer or the KCS based on the KCS's sentence as the seller fails to prove the C/O.







1.Catastro(terreno certificato)

Land ownership certificate

+ Land rental usage contract

hectare=100x100m => 1.8~2.3t

2.Factura/Liquidacion de Compras

Receipt/buying + selling

related all receipts

receipt weight > B/L weight

3.Guia de Remision Transporte




4.Declaracion de Jurada
  -Lugar de Produccion
  -Periodo de Cultivo(Cosecha)

cultivator's declaration
  -place, period, volume, etc

on 1 paper

Declaracion Jurada(DJ)
AFFIDAVIT translated in English

5.S/C(sales contract)
  P/O(purchase order)
  I/P(invoice & packing)
  B/L(bill of lading)
  C/O(certificate of origin)
  Phytosanitary certificate
  fumigation certificate

*1.All documents must contain the P/O number.
*2.phytosanitary must be Original, and show the cultivated place.
*3.B/L must show POL-callao, POD-busan to show no chance of smuggling, nor exchanging.
   MB/L only, HB/L prohibitted. Exceptionally Seller can issue HB/L if buyer confirms,
   in this case seller must present MB/L and HB/L together.

6.Diagrama de fluio

Logistic flow chart of bean/mung


flow chart: bmfc22-0508 & videos

land, seeding, harvesting, transporting, processing

address, company name, city name






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